Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Best Day of Jersy's Life

For everyone who knows Jersy, you know she has a great love of horses. For New Year's we went to Aztec, New Mexico to visit the Stinson side of our family, and Jersy and Jagger got to spend their days playing out on the farm and riding Gram's new horse Pepper. She was in Heaven!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Jersy's Horse

A couple of weeks ago, Jersy and Jagger went to New Mexico to spend a week with Aunt Tonya and their Grandparents. Grams has a big horse out back named Tonka which Jersy has not stopped talking about. This morning she came down with her toy horse and got my camera and said, "Tonka, say cheese". When the horse did not respond, she said, "Tonka, say CHEESE", then finally she looked at he horse and said, "Oh sorry, Cooney, say cheese". Cooney is the name of Grams dog. When the horse still didn't respond, Jersy looked at me and said, "Mommy, Tonka say cheese, pleeeese". I guess she was hoping I could get the big, plastic toy horse to perform. It's 25 minutes later and she's still trying....

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jersy's a little possessive

Jersy is on this kick lately where she thinks EVERYTHING is hers. Anything she sees, even if it clearly belongs to someone else, she points to it and says, "That's mine, it's Jersy's." And she gives us this look like 'don't you dare question me.' For right now we indulge her, but a couple years from now it won't be so cute.

Jagger is sooo funny

This afternoon we were in the family room watching Miracle on 34th street. We were all sitting around eating graham crackers, and Jagger happened to be standing up next to me. He was chewing so loud I couldn't here the movie so I looked over at him and said "chomper". He looked at me with a funny look on his face and pointed to himself and said, "No. Aggy." Apparently he thought I had forgotten his name or something. We all just laughed and laughed. He always says cute, funny little things like that.

Let it Snow!

Now it feels like Christmas! We finally had a substantial amount of snow last night. Driving to church was interesting and it made me realize that we probably need to get warmer church clothes! As soon as we got home this afternoon, the girls changed into big heavy jackets and were begging to go outside. The twins, of course, had to follow, but they had a blast. We had hot soup, sandwiches, and hot chocolate waiting for them when they came inside, and they thought it was the greatest day of their lives. This snow thing is very messy though... it doesn't exactly bode well for wood floors.

Enjoy our new pics, and Merry Christmas everyone!